What’s new at Futuroscope?

Futuroscope 30years

Futuroscope 30years

The world-famous attraction park based near Poitiers continues to add to its plethora of rides with its latest offering opening on the 17th December.

‘The Extraordinary Journey’ is unique in Europe allowing you to fly like a bird! Take to the skies aboard an incredible machine for a round-the-world journey where reality meets make-believe. Feel lighter than air with your legs dangling free in this all-new, thrill-filled experience. Simply take your seat on the specially designed platform before being flipped 90°. Your feet are now hanging free and you’re dangling vertically facing a 600m² curved screen - now you’re ready to soar away on a journey around the world through real and computer-generated images…

Futuroscope Extraordinary Journey

Futuroscope Extraordinary Journey (c)Futuroscope

While there, don’t miss the new evening show, La Forge aux Etoiles, developed by Cirque du Soleil, or the two award winning rides Arthur, the 4D Adventure, and The Time Machine starring the Raving Rabbids.

Also new this year are Ice Age – Dawn of Dinosaurs, the 4D Experience and Tiny Giants, the IMAX film that shows the world from a grasshopper’s perspective.

With 12 hotels within convenient walking distance, Futuroscope is perfect for a family break so take a look at the website to find the best package for you.


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