Musée National de la Marine

1 place de la Galissonnière
17300 Rochefort
  • Phone : 05 46 99 86 57
  • Fax : 05 46 87 53 27
  • GPS : 45.934952,-0.958365

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The Musée National de la Marine is housed in the Hôtel de Cheusses one of the oldest buildings in Rochefort once home to naval captains. This structure has born witness to life at the Rochefort Arsenal from its founding by Louis XIV until it closed definitively in 1927. Tools, paintings, weapons, scale models of old ships and machines, and numerous other items tell a fascinating story of human adventure. Techniques are depicted and explained, as are political considerations, military strategies, living conditions aboard ship and in the Arsenal, scientific explorations, and beautiful figureheads. The museum is not only essential to understanding Rochefort's Arsenal, but lets one imagine what long ocean voyages were once like. Tours: accompanied or not by a guide.


  • For persons with disabilities : Mobility impaired,
  • Comforts : Internet access,
  • Equipements : Bicycle shelter, Private car park,
  • Services : Self-guided visits, Guided visits, Self-guided visits (groups only), Guided visits (groups only), Boutique,

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