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Life in Poitou-Charentes has always been strongly influenced by the sea, whether for fishing, trade or recreation. But the waters off the French Atlantic Coast can also benefit mind and body through thalassotherapy – a range of medically-proven treatments which harness the therapeutic and relaxation properties of seawater and marine minerals.

Historically used in the treatment of joint problems, skin conditions and certain respiratory disorders, thalassotherapy is also now used for general relaxation and wellbeing. So why not treat yourself to some soothing treatments at one of the six centres along the Poitou-Charentes coast, all set in beautiful locations. 

Whilst thalassotherapy has only been popular since the 19th century, natural spring water has been used in medical treatments since Roman times. Many of these medical spas – or thermes – now have separate wellbeing centres offering relaxation and beauty treatments.

Three of the medical spa towns in Poitou-Charentes are near the coast - Rochefort, Saujon and Jonzac - whilst La Roche-Posay, home to the world-famous line of skincare products, lies in the east of the region.

Spa treatments are also being offered by an increasing number of independent spas and hotels throughout the area – the perfect chill-out after a day in the fresh air or a sightseeing trip.

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