Poitiers Polychromies light show – Summer Program

Poitiers Polychromies show, Poitou-Charentes, South-West France

Lighting up Poitier’s unique Romanesque facade.

There’s a very special atmosphere in the heart of Poitiers over the summer season with the return of the ‘Polychromies’ light show, from June 21 to Sept. 18.

The beautiful Romanesque church of Notre-dame la Grande puts on its party clothes as the west front, recognised as a masterpiece of Romanesque art, is spectacularly lit every evening in a 15-minute free show.

Restoration of the building in 1995 revealed traces of paint on the beautifully sculpted figures, the elegant arches and elaborate pillars. In Medieval times, the pale stone that we see today would have been painted in bright colours and now, thanks to an imaginative light show designed by lighting specialists Skertzo, visitors can see a repeat of the wonderful illuminations.

Throughout the summer months the many cafés and restaurants in the town centre spill out onto the pavements and hidden courtyards, allowing visitors to soak up the atmosphere while enjoying the many regional specialities. Once night falls, the Polychromies take you back into Medieval times with its vibrant colours and images. Imagine the court of Alienor d’Aquitaine, mother to Richard the Lionheart, in the nearby Law Courts and consider the history steeped into the cobbled stones beneath your feet to feel the full magic of this unique experience…

[+] For full details of show times, ask at the Tourist Information office opposite the church.

Discover Poitiers in video

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