Musiques Métisses – world music festival, 14/15 May 2016

Musiques Métisses 16

The striking hill-top city of Angoulême, capital of the comic-strip, is home to the annual eco-festival Musiques-Métisses. It offers the opportunity to enjoy rich and diverse music from around the world.

Originally created to promote jazz and European improvised music, the festival rapidly added popular and urban African music to its repertoire as well as bands from the Caribbean, Latin America and the Indian Ocean. Today, Musiques Métisses is recognised not only for the international talent it attracts, but also as a showcase for home-grown talent.

The full programme will be available on the Musiques Métisses website where tickets can also be bought.

Getting there: The TGV station  at Angoulême is only 2 hours 15 minutes from Paris on the Paris-Bordeaux line. By car from La Rochelle takes approx. 2 hours.

See Musiques Métisses in video (2012 edition)

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