• Musée du Macaron

    The museum unique in France... The Macaroon Museum pays hommage to the generations of skilled workers who built reputation of Montmorillon as the City of the Macaroon. In a entertaining and "tasty" visit you discover the fantastic story of this little almond biscuit. The Museum reveals all about this biscuit with tha melting almond centre, from the cultivation of the almond tree ant the many uses of almonds to the invention of the macaroon and its arrival in France.

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  • Hopital des Pélerins

    A monument listed in UNESCO's World Heritage. To be discovered: the vaulted porch and its medieval graffiti. The room where the poor, the ill … and pilgrims sought out assistance, the medicine garden taking after medieval gardens.

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  • Pôle Nature Pierre de Crazannes

    In a surprising decoration, the organizers will tell you the life and the know-how of the quarrymen. An unforgettable dumping in a maze of stories and nature on a circuit of guided tour. This site also has a playful and family not guided route.

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  • Cité des Tanneurs

    Unique industrial heritage, The City of the Tanners opens you the doors of the Tannery of Boivre to make you discover the ancestral know-how of the last craft furrier of France, using machines which have near century. The tanning of the skins of calves and goats will not have secrets anymore for you. In the continuation, an exhibition redraws the history of tanneries to Lavausseau, the various uses of the leather and the plant tanning in the tan.

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  • Aquarium de La Rochelle
    La Rochelle

    In the heart of the city, in front of the Old harbor, it is one of the largest European private aquariums. During 2 hours, visit the heart of the oceans and discover than 12 000 marine animals, to dream and understand the sea.In 2016: Drive into a new universe, for a magical journey into the deep sea.... Hold youe breath, sharpen your senses, the immersion into the gallery of lights will fill you with wonder !

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  • Géants du Ciel

    You'll be amazed at this wonderful show - birds from all round the world fly over the ruins of the Bishops' Castle. Discover kookaburras from Australia, snowy owls, great horned owls, white storks, condors, American parrots, eagles and vultures. You will be amazed by eagles and falcons flying over your head.

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  • Au Sentier des Pas Perdus

    Enjoy getting lost in 3 labyrinths (among which 2 in themes), of size and different difficulties at the heart of 5ha of corn. Each will find pedals in his foot by crossing 3 circuits of go-carting with go-carts with pedals. To discover : the labyrinth Biovariety.

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