• Cognac Prisset

    Visit on a little train of the vineyard and distillery. Cognac, Pineau, cocktails, grape juice and jams.

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  • Cognac Courvoisier

    An exceptional voyage into the history and creation of cognac. Napoleon souvenirs. Guided visits in French, English and German.

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  • Cognac Forgeron

    Michel and Pierre, the men of the family, entrust the visits to Francine , wife and mother. A born raconteur she knows how to bring cognac alive through its history an dits aromas and how to describe the thousand and one cares that are involved in raising cognac and pineau to works of art.

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  • Cognac Léonard

    A scenic walking circuit by appointment and Monique's cooking recipes are among the attractions which characterise the welcome here. As for the shop where you sample the produce it serves just as much as a centre of discussion.

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  • Cognac Boutinet

    The architecture of the buildings used for winemaking, set out around a courtyard, is quite stricking. In addition to the traditional production of cognac, visitors can see an exhibition of paintings by the lady of the house.

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  • Cognac Audebert

    Dating from 1763 the beautiful "basket handle" archway, flanked by ionic columns, opens on to a Charentais house pure in style. The visit and the products are in keeping with the house, authentic and subtle.

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  • Cognac Blanleuil

    Close to the church the grapes ripen in the sun on the limestone terraces. A sunny grape harvest and the double distillation reveal the strong smoothness of the alambic's product. Implements from old times bear witness.

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  • Cognac Rémy Couillebaud

    The visit tasting to the family distillery is completed by the discovery of a rural museum, antiques. Since 1995, we develop prizes of vintage Cognacs: the national office of the Cognac intervenes to seal barrels. After 20 years of patience, these Cognacs will be proposed to you.

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