• Pineau Cognac Les Barbins

    Production and sale of cognac, Pineau, liqueurs, local wines, grape juice and brûlot charentais (coffee spiked with cognac). On any day, you may visit the operating facilities, the cellars and the distillery. You may also come and observe the farm's other activities.

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  • Cognac Bertrand

    In the heart of one of the two premier growing regions of Cognac which make up the Petite Fine Champagne, the Bertrand family has passed down from generation to generation, since 1731, the art of cultivating the vines. In this way, our products are natural and authentic, as they were in the past. In this way, our products are as natural and authentic as those of our ancestors. And so, our products reflect the naure and authenticity of our past traditions. A respect for the traditions of our past is reflected in the nature and authenticity of our products. The nature and authenticity of past traditions are reflected in each of our products. Our trademark, the Windmill of Bel'Air, the last of the town of Reaux, is surrounded by our vines, symbolic of our history, our heritage and the quality of our cognacs.

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  • Cognac Meukow

    The house AC Meukow, founded in 1862, welcomes you right in the heart of the town for its informative visit and cognac tasting. Discover its history and savoir faire throught its guided tour offering innovative, modern visual effects. From the paradise to the cellar master and final product, immerse yourself in a world of emotion and magic... At the end of the visit, you will enjoy a tasting of 3 cognacs. This pleasure can be extended with lunch at our chai Meukow. You will discover, with our chef, tailormade recipes based on cognac.

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  • Hôtel Domaine du Breuil Cognac ***

    This magnificent 19th century château, built in the Louis Philippe style, was originally home to one of Cognac’s most prestigious brandy-producing houses. Overlooking the valley of the River Charente, Domaine du Breuil offers magnificent views of the countryside around Cognac. The château is set in over 17 acres of wooded parkland, thus guaranteeing your peace and tranquillity.

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  • Cognac Boutinet

    The architecture of the buildings used for winemaking, set out around a courtyard, is quite stricking. In addition to the traditional production of cognac, visitors can see an exhibition of paintings by the lady of the house.

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  • Cognac Léonard

    A scenic walking circuit by appointment and Monique's cooking recipes are among the attractions which characterise the welcome here. As for the shop where you sample the produce it serves just as much as a centre of discussion.

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  • Pineau Cognac Gautret

    Pineau des Charentes, cognac, liqueurs, local wine and grape juice for sale. Visit of the bottling plant from Monday through Friday on appointment. The establishment was founded in 1847.

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  • Cognac Paul Giraud

    At the heart of an old seigniory in the Grande Champagne, Paul Giraud’s vineyard produces an exceptional eau-devie.The tasting room offers a true initiation experienceamongst buildings of great character.

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