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  • Du 15/03/2014
    Au 31/08/2014
    Festival Lézards de la rue
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  • Du 27/04/2014
    Au 21/09/2014
    Château de Saint-Mesmin : Un temps pour guerroyer ?

    The castle of Saint Mesmin is a XIVth century to which was added, in the XVth century, an imosing 28m high keep. When you visit the 3 rooms with people providing a glimpse into mediaeval life, you can discover the good and bad sides of the following three subjects - justice, science and beliefs in the Middle Ages!

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  • Du 22/07/2014
    Au 08/08/2014
    Les Estivales d'Artenetra

    Les Estivales d'Artenetra are held in the Royal Abbey and several heritage sites across Deux-Sèvres.

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  • Du 29/07/2014
    Au 02/08/2014
    Festival De Bouche à Oreille

    Reflecting the diversity of this genre, the festival encourages meetings between various cultural identities and, in the end, it might help you find yours. The De Bouche à Oreille festival encourages people to break down barriers and combine unexpected artistic worlds to produce varied programmes with skilfully dosed improvisation and festivity. It's a permanent invitation to seek new horizons, indoors or in the open air (in gardens and on the banks of the River Thouet). Concerts, dances, jam sessions, courses, a workshop, a talk, pre-dinner drinks and a concert, meetings in cafes, a range of different entertainments and so much more.

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  • Du 31/07/2014
    Au 02/08/2014
    Festival Humour et Eau Salée

    By day or night, there will be fun in the pedestrian streets. The seafront and beach will also provide a natural backdrop for some unsuspected madness and unimaginably extravagant entertainment.

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  • Du 31/07/2014
    Au 03/08/2014
    Jumping International Royan Atlantique

    Royan's International Showjumping Competition will be held at the Maine Gaudin riding stables. Some twenty nations will be attending this major date in the equestrian calendar, held in Saint Palais sur Mer. Almost fifty international riders will be competing to win one of the competitions counting towards the World Cup. An equestrian performance will round off the competition.

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  • Du 01/08/2014
    Au 15/08/2014
    Festival Theatre en l'Abbaye

    3 classical dramas performed at dusk in the Cours des Angériens.

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  • Le 01/08/2014
    Nuit Romane - Sauzé

    The Poitou-Charentes region is filled with fabulous Romanesque churches and other historic sites to explore. The Nuits Romanes festival organised by the region’s administration, allows you to see thesemarvellous buildings in a new light, often quite literally, when over 150 evenings of concerts and shows throughout the summer are based in and around them. And what’s more, they are all free.

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