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  • Du 27/04/2014
    Au 21/09/2014
    Château de Saint-Mesmin : Un temps pour guerroyer ?

    The castle of Saint Mesmin is a XIVth century to which was added, in the XVth century, an imosing 28m high keep. When you visit the 3 rooms with people providing a glimpse into mediaeval life, you can discover the good and bad sides of the following three subjects - justice, science and beliefs in the Middle Ages!

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  • Du 08/09/2014
    Au 21/09/2014
    Symposium de Sculptures

    Six sculptors from various countries will create huge original works on the subject of "Fire" before the general public, over a period of ten days.

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  • Du 17/09/2014
    Au 22/09/2014
    Le Grand Pavois
    La Rochelle

    Europe's largest Floating Boat Show. Set up in 1972, the Grand Pavois de La Rochelle has become a major event in the international boating calendar.

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  • Du 18/09/2014
    Au 21/09/2014
    Festival les Vacances de Monsieur Haydn
    La Roche-Posay

    Concerts worthy of the greatest concert halls, reachable to all audience, scheduling the major repertoire and contemporary repertoire. This year, there will be nine major concerts, including one with orchestra, in the "IN" and 70 freeconcerts in the "OFF".

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  • Du 19/09/2014
    Au 16/10/2014
    Festival Les Coréades d'Automne

    « Les Coréades d'automne » chooses a different theme each year and uses it as the basis for programmes based on one particular composer. The festival then organises some 20 concerts in Poitou-Charentes, several of them given by a symphony orchestra and large choirs.

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  • Du 19/09/2014
    Au 21/09/2014
    Circuit International des Remparts

    Since 1939, Angoulême has been hosting one of the most important events in the calendar for historic racing cars, on the third weekend of September. The "Circuit des Remparts" is first and foremost a chance for enthusiasts to meet and compete in thrilling races at the wheels of their Bugattis, Tricycle cars or Alpine berlinettes on a track running through the streets of the old town of Angoulême. For three days, there are concours d'élégance, sightseeing rallies, exhibitions of luxury cars and races that attract more than 15,000 fans.

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  • Du 02/10/2014
    Au 05/10/2014
    Festival Les Expressifs

    Free access to shows in the town e.g. music, street art, theatre, circus, dance and video. Emerging artists and performers with new professional works.

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  • Du 03/10/2014
    Au 19/10/2014
    Festival Eclats de Voix

    The festival takes place annually in the month of October (a major event for voices and the polyphonic art form).

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