• Du 08/02/2016
    Au 01/11/2016
    Château de Saint-Mesmin : La vie de châtelain

    The castle of Saint Mesmin, at Saint André sur Sèvre, is a XIVth century to which was added, in the XVth century, an imposing 28m high keep.The medieval festival in July, August gives visitor an unusual insight into the workings of the castle.

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  • Du 19/03/2016
    Au 02/10/2016
    Festival Lézards de la rue
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  • Du 26/04/2016
    Au 01/05/2016
    Festival Plein Sud

    The festival program : awareness-raising activities destined for childrens all the week and then the "renaissance" of the african village of "Cozodougou" on the week-end which incluses many free activities 'african artcrafts market, exhibitions, concerts....)

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  • Du 12/05/2016
    Au 15/05/2016
    Les Visiteurs de l'Autre Monde
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  • Du 13/05/2016
    Au 15/05/2016
    Expo Florale du pays Ruffecois

    The Poitou-Charentes region is filled with fabulous Romanesque churches and other historic sites to explore. The Nuits Romanes festival organised by the region’s administration, allows you to see thesemarvellous buildings in a new light, often quite literally, when over 150 evenings of concerts and shows throughout the summer are based in and around them. And what’s more, they are all free.

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  • Du 25/05/2016
    Au 29/05/2016
    Festival Ah ?

    What's the theme for the Ah festival? Travel through the town and across the world, listen to the poetry of travelling people who stop and erect their marquee on the square before heading on their way again, smooth talkers, fortune tellers, storytellers, illusionists and all the fun of the fair.

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  • Du 27/05/2016
    Au 04/06/2016
    Festival Jazzellerault

    A festival for youth, discovery and initiation. That's the way it was designed. With concerts that take us back to some great moments in earlier years.

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  • Du 10/06/2016
    Au 12/06/2016
    Festival Notes en Vert

    The parc of prérigny hosts the 5th edition ecofestival "Notes en Vert" from the 10th to the 12th June 2016! A festival symbol of diversity and cultural thanks to artists from varied horizons.

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