• Nombril du Monde

    Halfway between Mecca and Easter Island, the village of Pougne-hérisson is recognized as the authentic Cat's whiskers. It is here that were born the myths, the stories and the most beautiful lies. A universe dedicated to the tale and to the oral character which wakes the desire to listen to and to benaiser (take care in nothingness). Sound routes for the brats and the big, the unusual strolls in Hedgehog. Paying told visits.

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  • Jardin Val de Flore

    Want to hang out in a place where nature has reclaimed? Pause to Val de Flore. Different spaces and landscape scenes are everywhere. Listen, breathe, observe ... and let yourself be lulled by the magic and poetry of the place. Different methods are used depending on the media to promote all forms of life.

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  • Château et jardins de La Sayette

    The lodging area of this ancient 15th century fortified castle stands between two towers. In the 17th and 20th centuries, a neo-Gothic chapel with eleven stained glass windows made by Lobin and Fournier was added to the castle. It is surrounded by four enclosed gardens, a court-garden with shady 150 year old trees, a 17th century classic garden with sundials, a hectare-sized bower and a vegetable-orchard garden with a big footbath. The castle, chapel and gardens are listed historic monuments.

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  • Jardin Médiéval de la Guyonnière

    The Guyonnière castle dates back to the 14th century. Notwithstanding extensive renovations in the 15th and 16th centuries, it still appears largely feudal. It forms a quadrilateral bounded by towers, one of which houses a dovecote; the visitor enters through a fortified door. The castle, its moats and its fireplaces were registered as a "historic monument" on 4 March 1986. The visitor accedes to the garden by means of a drawbridge forming a postern; girdled by deep moats, it consists in nine enclosed fields that surround a manor adjacent to an "ouche". Its vegetation is of medieval inspiration; it contains flowers, vegetables, honey-bearing, medicinal and aromatic plants, fruits, old roses, shrubs and fruit trees. The garden is a happy marriage of medieval vegetable garden and contemporary leisure garden; it is also the cradle of tales and concerts over the summer.

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  • Parc Jean Pierre Lanson

    500 varieties of fuchsias and 200 varieties of paludal plants and other species of trees and bushes

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  • Arboretum Chemin de la Découverte

    The "path of discovery" is an arboretum dedicated to leaves from throughout the world; it contains more than 1000 different species of trees and shrubs. The specialized arboreal conservatory has certified nine collections: birches, hornbeams, ash trees, currant bushes, chestnuts, hackberries, willows, service and lime trees. It is the 3rd national arboretum, after the museum of Paris, to contain such a large number of certified collections. A walker's itinerary around the town is divided into three circuits so that a single loop can be covered in an hour and a half. Displaying more than 1400 species of trees and shrubs from throughout the world and over 200 varieties of rosebushes identified and pinpointed all along the circuit. The part of the arboretum to be visited is determined by the season and the botanical interest of the fauna.

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