• Port Saint Sav
    Le Mung

    Take a leisurely waterway stroll, discover the Charente and the nearby landscapes conjoining nature and history. Rental of thermal and electric boats every day from 9:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. and from 2 to 6 P.M. - Thermal boats: 3 to 6 persons, with or without license. rental for half a day or a full day. From 50 euros for half a day. Plan on a deposit of 500 to 900 euros. - Electric boats equipped for 6 persons. rental for half an hour, an hour, or half a day. From 15 euros. Reservation recommended at the "Office de Tourisme du Pays Savinois" or with the service provider the day before, not after 6 P.M.

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  • Eglise Saint Martin les Baillargeaux

    A few hundreds metres from Noizé stands the church of Saint-Martin-les-Baillargeaux whose architecture dates from the 10th-11th centuries, but which is known to be even older. Surrounded by an old cemetery, this church would have replaced a pagan temple. A legend tries to explain its mysterious isolation in the middle of some local fields, saying that after the devastation of the black plague epidemic, for hygienic reasons, the village that once surrounded the church would have been burnt and rebuilt farther away, where present-day Noizé stands. Only the Saint-Martin-les-Baillargeaux church would have been left standing. After having been dangerous and out of bounds for about fifteen years, it was saved from ruin by some local inhabitants. Thanks to them, the traditional November pilgrimages restarted in 1980.

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  • Musée de l'Echevinage

    The Museum of Echevinage holds its name of its situation in the saints' former city hall, which kept its belfry of 1857 and possesses an entrance gate and a facade of the XVIIIth century. He shelters works of the XVth in the XXth century, some sculptures and elements of ceramic of Sèvres. His works are presented according to several themes: the paint of history (Descent from the cross of the XVth, Mars and Venus), the landscape (Allegory of the earth of Brueghel, the paints of Auguin), the portrait.

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  • Hôtel Le Saint Savinien **

    Saint Savinien is typical towns of Province. The hotel offers the atmosphere pleasantly relaxed by a mansion while staying tuned to(listening) the needs for their customers. In spite of the central situation you can sleep quietly at our home. All the rooms were equipped with a double glazing and with flat screens

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  • Hôtel Le Saint Romain **

    This hotel and restaurant are rated highly by Logis. Hotel Saint-Romain is located between Poitiers and Tours, between Futuroscope and the Chateaux of the Loire, and its restaurant serves traditional cuisine and specialities created by Chef Christian Buisine. Shaded restaurant terrace.

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  • Ecole de voile

    Boat collective / catamaran / sand yacht / storm sail / kayak / optimist / windsurfing board / surfing. Council and nautical assistance from the point of view of water. Internship, rent, fixed price " Pass ' Nautical ", sail, sand yacht and surfing. Initiation into the sail aboard a 8.60 meter sailboat. Taken out in stand-up paddle of 1:30 am.

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  • Restaurant Saint Victor

    A small Hotel with restaurant charming in front of the sea, with a cooking centred on fishes and products of the sea.

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