• Abbaye Royale

    The royal abbey and its formerly abbatial church, Notre Dame, dating back to the 12th century, were partially destroyed in 1568 in the wars of religion. Reconstructed over the second half of the 17th century by the archiect François le Duc (known as "Tuscan"), the two structures form a major architectural whole. Even though it was never fully completed (the north wing remained unbuilt), the royal abbey has stayed impressive; its facade is composed of "bumpy" stones with massive abutments; it is commonly known as "little Versailles". Visits are focused on the architecture, the history, the collections... You may also visit P. Certain's motorcycle zone; some of the one-time vehicles are a century old.

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  • Place Forte de Brouage

    The stronghold of Brouage is located few kilometers away of the estuary of the channel of Brouage, in the middle of an ocean of salty pastures where you can still see the geometry of the old salt marshes. The marsh comes alive in all seasons with its subtle colors, from the shelfish activities to the flight of the birds. The story of Brouage resonates of the slow work of the salt workers, the comings and goings of ships and their loading of salt, the soldiers and the guards standing on the ramparts, the lamentations of the prisoners of the fortress, became fallen prison After a long time of abandon, the place was reborn and became a tourist mecca. This route of 2 km from the tourist office allow you to discover the city of Brouage in general.

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  • Réserve Naturelle du Toarcien

    The Toarcien national natural reserve ensures the conservation of two old open-air quarries on the right bank of the Thouet, just 3.5 km northwest of Thouars. The quarries present great historical interest; they are located near the spot where, in 1849, the paleontologist Alcide d'Orbigny defined the sample or stratotype of a layer dating back to the Jurassic system, the "Toarcien". This level, whose denomination is derived from the Latin name for the town of Thouras (Toarcium), materializes a time interval comprised between 183 and 176 million years ago. The reserve is open on principle to specialists, teachers with their students, and any geology buff promising to respect the existing rules and regulations. That said, visits have got to be authorized by the the geological interpretation center of the Thouars area.

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  • Hôtel de l'Estuaire **

    Situated in some steps from Talmont-sur-Gironde, village, the hotel with restaurant the Estuary stretches languishingly its building in front of the sea. Situation favored for this small hotel to rooms in the "cosy" atmosphere, comfortable and clean equipped with shower, toilets and television set plasma with DTT (DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION). The table of the Estuary, renowned for its specialities of fish and regional dishes, proposes you a traditional cooking with a magnificent view on the estuary of the Gironde and the peninsula of Talmont.

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  • Karting de Loudun

    On one of the best French circuits set in a wooded environment and with 30 available carts, it is the right place to organize a day or half day with family or friends. You can also organize challenges for your business, or for you and your coworkers.Franck Talon is a professional car racer and he will be happy to show you the basics. On site : bar, restaurant (prior booking required), a giant screen to watch the races, children's playground, picnic tables.

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  • Ecole de Médecine Navale

    The old Naval School of Medecine, founded in 1722 to train surgeons for duty on warships, was unique in France. The school moved to a pavilion at the new maritime hospital, the most modern in the country at the time, in 1788. In the 19th century, Rochefort-trained doctors were important participants in voyages of discovery and were instrumental in noting scientific descriptions of the natural phenomena they saw. Anatomical and natural history collections, as well as a library cover three levels. The School looks just the way it did in the late 19th century. The objects, books, and decor are exactly the same as when the establishment was frequented by scientists and doctors some 150 years ago. This powerful, moving place, with a strong sense of history, combines science and technology, as well as political and social history.

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  • Résidence Les Loges du Parc ****
    La Roche-posay

    The establishment imposes its facade nice time at the heart of the village. Born in 1903, this apartment hotel of charm is symbolic health resorts. Inside, a complete makeover reminds the spirit smart countryside of the Spa Source. Infinite charm of suites, apartments, studios and rooms warmed by hangings, fabrics with incorporated plant elements and of the more crazy or sober furniture according to the chosen accommodation, but always sophisticated. In this place of charm, your stay will be a sophisticated and unforgettable moment.

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  • Village de Vacances Les Beaupins ***

    On Oléron Island, time seems suspended. Situated at the northern point, 15 minutes by foot from the beach and at 2 kms away from the headlight of Chassiron, the Beaupins offers you an exceptional holiday destination. All Oléron charms are reunited here, for you. Either you stay in our cottages or in our mobile-homes, live by the rhythm of the island. Vacances ULVF proposes to you its option ULVF Village Club (full board) for four persons as well as its option ULVF Résidence with mobile-homes to rent for four to six people.

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