• Montgolfières du Poitou

    The 'Poitou hot air balloon' association was created in 2001 in Thoaurs (Deux-Sèvres) by a group of friends sharing a passion for this kind of balloon; one of them was a pilot. You, in turn, will have the opportunity to share their passion and discover the emotion procured by this type of flight. A highly original adventure, to be discovered and shared. An attentive crew will help you to enjoy a convivial, pleasurable, unique adventure. Up to 3 passengers on board, chasing their desires. Initiation and discovery hot-air balloon flights in the vicinity of Thouars.

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  • Montgolfières en Thouarsais

    Some years ago, fifteen passionate practitioners created an association known as 'hot-air balloons in the Thouars area'. Their shared passion appears to have caught on, as some 250 members have gone on to join them... Who has never dreamed of a substance lighter than air? A hot-air balloon in the sky still arouses the same awe at the colors of the casing, the lightness of the enormous bubble, the free floating of the balloon in the sky... The association promotes and organizes aerostat demonstrations, the main event taking place over the first weekend of September (actually from Friday through Sunday); all year long, it is being readied.

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  • Montgolfières de Charente

    Discover the Charente otherwise balloon. Free balloon flight.

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  • Découverte en Montgolfière

    Association Vent de la Liberté organizes hot air balloon rides over the region and the most picturesque sites. Take off possible at dawn and 2 hours before sunset (weather permitting). Discovery flight : 3 hours with 1 hour balloon flying (maximum 2 pers.).

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  • Montgolfières du Bocage

    Hot-air balloon flight near Bressuire, Pescalis and Niort in Deux-Sèvres. Only two flights are possible a day, one at sunrise, and the other over the 2 hours preceding sunset. Those are the times of day when atmospheric conditions - little wind, stable atmosphere - allow for totally safe balloon flight. When the air is misty, rainy or stormy, it is not possible to fly.

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  • Charente Montgolfières

    Hot air-balloon trial flights.

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  • Montgolfieres de Gironde
    Le Fouilloux

    Brigitte Favre will make you discover the sweet light of the Gironde in hot-air balloon. Bookings and information all year long. The first flights, the flights and the stays discoveries are made from April till October.

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  • Cognac Tasting Tour

    Experience a rare moment flying over the cognac vineyards aboard a hot air balloon. Enjoy this taste of freedom and serenity when, seen from above, vineyards, sunflower fields and Charente mansions seem to scroll beautifully and slowly. Consider 2 hours 30 at beginning or end of the day

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