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Eglise Saint Martin les Baillargeaux

79100 Oiron
  • Phone : 05 49 96 51 26
  • GPS : 46.952137,-0.080051

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A few hundreds metres from Noizé stands the church of Saint-Martin-les-Baillargeaux whose architecture dates from the 10th-11th centuries, but which is known to be even older. Surrounded by an old cemetery, this church would have replaced a pagan temple. A legend tries to explain its mysterious isolation in the middle of some local fields, saying that after the devastation of the black plague epidemic, for hygienic reasons, the village that once surrounded the church would have been burnt and rebuilt farther away, where present-day Noizé stands. Only the Saint-Martin-les-Baillargeaux church would have been left standing. After having been dangerous and out of bounds for about fifteen years, it was saved from ruin by some local inhabitants. Thanks to them, the traditional November pilgrimages restarted in 1980.

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