Eglise Notre Dame la Grande

Place Charles de Gaulle
86000 Poitiers
  • Phone : 05 49 41 21 24
  • GPS : 46.5836786,0.3437562

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Aptly called the most beautiful Romanesque facade in the world , Notre Dame la Grande is the jewel of Poitiers. The 12th century façade has been restored so that the intricate sculptures display an exquisite example of Poitevin Romanesque Art. The facade can be read like a picture book as it tells the Bible stories of the apostles, two bishops, St. Hilaire, St. Martin and lastly a Christ in his Majesty. Typical of Poitevin Romanesque churches, there are no windows in the main nave. The frescoes on the vaulted roof are 12th century, and the murals in the nave and side aisles date from 1851. Immaculately white during the day, the façade is coloured with polychrome lights every evening from June 21st to September 20th.

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