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Festival De Bouche à Oreille

Maison des Cultures de Pays
1 rue de la Vau St Jacques
79200 Parthenay
  • Phone : 05 49 94 90 70
  • GPS : 46.654621,-0.247997

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Reflecting the diversity of this genre, the festival encourages meetings between various cultural identities and, in the end, it might help you find yours. The De Bouche à Oreille festival encourages people to break down barriers and combine unexpected artistic worlds to produce varied programmes with skilfully dosed improvisation and festivity. It's a permanent invitation to seek new horizons, indoors or in the open air (in gardens and on the banks of the River Thouet). Concerts, dances, jam sessions, courses, a workshop, a talk, pre-dinner drinks and a concert, meetings in cafes, a range of different entertainments and so much more.

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